Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Narrowing the Gender Gap

In the U.S., women account for over half of all entry level professional jobs, but only 37% of mid-management, 28% of VP/Senior Management, and 14% of Board and Senior Executive positions.

Narrowing the gender gap in leadership requires a critical look at generational attitudes and experiences among working women and the changing demographics of working mothers. It also necessitates a multi-faceted approach to expanding opportunities for women in business.

This is why the Interchange Group supports Catalyst, a nonprofit with over 50 years of experience conducting research and creating practical solutions that advance women in business. In lieu of holiday gifts and cards, the Interchange Group is donating funds to Catalyst's Changing Workplaces, Changing Lives Campaign, which will invest in:
  • Longitudinal research to track long-term trends for women in the workplace
  • An inclusive leadership initiative to equip women and men to lead 21st-century organizations
  • Global outreach to support gender parity in new markets
I encourage you to choose a cause to support this holiday season that is meaningful to you!

Amy Hirsh Robinson, Principal, Interchange Group
Workforce Strategies for the New Economy

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Working Mother of the Future

The number of working women in their 40s and 50s with young children will increase dramatically over the next decade. This is a departure from past generations of working women, who had children in their 20s and early 30s and were empty nesters in their 40s. Specifically, it will mean that:
  • Women will be entering a timeframe of peak career and earning opportunities - defined by current workforce norms as between ages 45 and 55 - just as the demands on them as parents intensifies.
  • Corporate America will see a rising share of female employees in senior positions - roles traditionally associated with significant after hour social obligations - with young children.
  • Employers will experience a growing proportion of working mothers who will not be relying on the conventional economic, physical and psychological support structures associated with marriage.
Organizations that change their practices, benefits and cultures to accommodate the needs of working mothers (and fathers!) will be positioned to reap significant economic benefits in the coming decade. Recent announcements from Apple and Facebook that the companies will pay for egg freezing in support of women having high-powered careers and children is proof of this trend. 

For additional information on this important topic, download my new whitepaper, The Working Mother of the Future – How Demographics Will Force Change for Women at Work
To learn how to attract and retain top female talent in your organization, register for my December 4 webinar, What Women Want – Recruiting, Developing and Keeping 21st Century Female Leaders.

Amy Hirsh Robinson, Principal, Interchange Group
Workforce Strategies for the New Economy